Garlic Continues To Shake Recently

Since the end of November, garlic’s market price has been weak, and small and medium-sized storage companies have maintained a high enthusiasm for selling goods. Although there has not been a significant increase in products on the market, the supply is still in a loose situation. After the Indonesian order ends, South Asian and Middle … Read moreGarlic Continues To Shake Recently

The Export Price of Garlic Has Entered a Downward Period

In the two months before the Chinese traditional festival Spring Festival, China’s garlic market was relatively calm. The price remained at about $ 1050 per ton for general grade garlic. “It was originally expected that after the Spring Festival, there will be a brief slight increase in garlic. However, the emergency disrupted the normal development … Read moreThe Export Price of Garlic Has Entered a Downward Period

Sprouted Garlic Is Treasure

Sprouted garlic is better for heart health. A technical college study found that sprouted garlic is more heart-healthy and contains more antioxidants than fresh garlic. Researchers have found that garlic that has germinated for five days has stronger antioxidant activity than fresh garlic. Although eating garlic does not cure cancer, the germinated garlic is rich … Read moreSprouted Garlic Is Treasure

New Garlic Prices Have Fallen

At present, a large number of early-ripening fresh garlic in Henan production areas is on the market, and the mainstream price of fresh garlic is 0.60-0.80 yuan/kg. Specifically, the enthusiasm for garlic this year in Qixian and Sumu areas is not high. After the listing of fresh garlic this year, China Garlic Prices have been … Read moreNew Garlic Prices Have Fallen

Some Southern Garlic Exporters,Such As Australia, Are Eyeing the European Garlic Market

The Tasmanian Fruit and Vegetable Export Service said that in Europe and the United Kingdom, the Garlic Price from the southern hemisphere has risen sharply. Export service provider Ian Locke said the shortage of 1.2 million to 1.5 million tons of garlic was large, and supply from Australia could not completely fill the gap. Mr. … Read moreSome Southern Garlic Exporters,Such As Australia, Are Eyeing the European Garlic Market

Eating More Garlic Is Good for Your Health

We have learned that although the Garlic Price is high now, its efficacy is excellent. Usually, eating more garlic is more beneficial to the body: 1. Anti-inflammatory effect Garlic contains a kind of nutrient called “allicin.” Garlic has outstanding effects in preventing diseases, sterilizing, and anti-inflammatory. However, because garlic is rich in flavor and difficult to dissipate, … Read moreEating More Garlic Is Good for Your Health

Global Market Report: Garlic

The garlic market is almost out of stock. Inventory is minimal, and only a small amount of garlic will be sold soon. In South Africa, this has resulted in very high local Garlic Price. Other countries will benefit from it again, such as Egypt, whose exports are increasing rapidly. Now, the market is waiting for … Read moreGlobal Market Report: Garlic