The Garlic Market Seems to Have a Turning Point This Season

The export market for garlic is currently relatively flat. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.”Growers have initiated price increases, and it is hazardous if the market is not prepared for this. This is why a turning point now appears. I think the Garlic Price is too high, so our harvest is also very negative, “said William Nannes of food trading company JP Beemsterboer.

“India is now exporting again, which has affected our exports to the Far East. Processors have remained calm for some time now, but still, face the dilemma of having to buy this garlic at high prices. The onion price of 45/65 is 19 US dollars Cents, while the price of 40/60 is 18 cents, but there is some pressure now. For the 60/80 models, the price is still 21 cents, and those who pay 23 cents are also the upper hand. “William Said.

“At the same time, wet conditions have slowed down the planting rate. The earliest plots have been planted, but they are very humid, so the new season will definitely not start early, which also brings some pressure. Then the market is affected by the current situation. Impact, but the good thing for garlic is that in the Netherlands when people start hoarding food and daily necessities, garlic is usually listed on the shopping list because it has the expected benefits. “