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Garlic is native to western and central Asia. It has a history of over two thousand years since Zhang Qian went on a diplomatic mission to the western regions in the Han dynasty and brought garlic home. Garlic is an indispensable condiment in the daily life of human beings. When cooking fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables, it has the function of removing fishy and enhancing flavoring, especially in cold dishes, which can increase the flavor, but also sterilization.

Chinese fresh garlic

Chinese fresh garlic

The variety of garlic, according to the bulb color can be divided into purple garlic and white garlic. The garlic clove of purple garlic is little and big, the acrid flavor is thick, the yield is high, distribute in north China, northwest, northeast and other regions, cold endurance is weak, sow in spring more, the mature period is late. There are two kinds of white garlic big and small, the pungent taste is lighter, white garlic is hardier than purple garlic, autumn sowing, maturity period slightly earlier.

What are the benefits of Chinese garlic?

1. Eating garlic can prevent all kinds of tumors. Garlic is rich in trace element selenium, which can inhibit and prevent the harm of various tumors to the human body.

2. Eating garlic can prevent cancer. Garlic contains sulfur compounds, germanium, selenium, and other elements that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

3. Eating leeks helps kill bacteria, especially red ones. Therefore, if you are frequently infected with digestive or respiratory diseases, it is highly recommended that you eat a little garlic.

4. Eating garlic can prevent cardiovascular disease. That’s because it contains some active ingredients that lower blood fats and cholesterol.

Our garlic industry chain is very mature. After the garlic harvest begins in late May, our factory can quickly complete the grading, processing, quality inspection, weighing, packaging, and other procedures. The garlic will be shipped to your country as soon as possible. We also have our own freezer to make sure fresh garlic is refrigerated in mid-to-late August to prevent sprouting.

Chinese fresh garlicChinese fresh garlicChinese fresh garlic

Do you know the developmental cycle of garlic?

The length of the reproductive cycle of garlic varies greatly with the sowing time. The growth period of garlic sown in spring is shorter, generally 90~110d. Garlic sowed in autumn usually has a growth period of 220~280d due to a certain number of days of low-temperature vernalization. Garlic generally uses bulbs as a reproductive material. Its growth process can be divided into 6 stages, namely the germination stage, seedling stage, scale bud, flower bud differentiation stage, flower stem extension stage, and bulb expansion and dormant stage. Besides, when the bulb is used for reproduction, there is a growing period after the underground bulb is mature.

Xianfeng garlic group, located in Jinxiang county, Shandong province, was founded in 2005. As we all know, Chinese fresh garlic has been praised for its stable quality. The best Chinese Garlic Supplier is Jinxiang township, known as the garlic town of China. Jinxiang garlic has the advantages of large diameter, delicate taste, crisp and delicious, apetalous and loose, mold-proof, corrosion-resistant and storage resistant. The annual output is about 1 million tons, garlic export rate more than 90 percent, the export volume accounted for more than 70 percent of the country. This is due to the local superior natural conditions and the investment in scientific research and the application of the latest production technology.

If you have any questions about garlic can call to consult, we will be in the fastest time to give you a satisfactory answer, welcome your call to consult!