Ly Son “Platinum” Garlic Receives Geographical Protection

Vietnam’s “Platinum” garlic comes from Ly Son Island. Although the collective trademark of Lyson garlic has existed for 10 years, it is still not enough to eliminate counterfeit products completely.

Since the 1960s, ly son garlic has been farmed in Culaore, but now, the credibility of the brand is being affected because there are a lot of imitation products on their territory. Buyers are more skeptical, as prices have fallen several times in recent years. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. In 2018, there were 250 tons of dried garlic in stock, and the Garlic Price hit a new low in several months.

The director of the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology believes that the recently issued certificate will enhance the reputation and credibility of ly garlic, thereby creating more job opportunities for locals. After the establishment of the geographical indication of garlic, the authorities and citizens must unite to establish identification standards and origins for real garlic. He added that packages must be labeled and stamped to build consumer trust.

It is hoped that geographical indications can protect the rights of farmers who directly grow garlic because the harvested garlic is usually sent directly to small vendors without packaging. The vice-chairman said that geographical indications will be the main legal and commercial basis for dealing with counterfeit products, and the People’s Committee will raise local people’s awareness of how to protect brands.