Garlic Suppliers in China

Introduce Benefit Video PDF Download PDF Garlic is an excellent condiment in the kitchen, proper nutrition, good natural green medicine, garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotics. It can kill a variety of pathogenic fungi and hookworm pinworm, trichomonas. Eating garlic raw is an effective way to prevent influenza and intestinal infections. Garlic is a … Read moreGarlic Suppliers in China

Garlic Exports from China

Introduce Health Video PDF Download PDF After several years of roller-coaster market operations, the total area planted with garlic in China in 2019 is down 25-30% from 2018. This has led industry insiders to predict higher prices for new garlic in 2019. Based on this optimistic expectation, a large amount of hot money entered the … Read moreGarlic Exports from China

China Garlic

Introduce Origin Growing Environment Video PDF Download PDF Garlic is China’s No. 1 Agricultural Product for Foreign Exchange. In the current international trade market, only garlic used for international trade is available in China. Indian garlic, American garlic, European garlic can only meet a small part of local demand. The main Chinese Garlic Supplier Garlic … Read moreChina Garlic