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Garlic is the underground bulb of allium of Liliaceae. Garlic whole plant has strong, and pungent garlic smell, garlic head, garlic leaf (leek or garlic seedling), and flower moss (garlic plant) can be used as vegetable edible. Not only can be used as a seasoning, and can be used as a medicine, it is a famous food and medicine plant.

Garlic bulbs are rich in protein, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, and fat, minerals, and so on. Garlic has a variety of biological activities, such as the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, anti-tumor, and disease-resistant microorganisms. Long-term consumption can play a role in disease prevention and health care.

Chinese garlicChinese garlic

What are the benefits of Chinese garlic?

1.Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Garlic is a natural plant antibiotic. The common purple garlic containing the garlic hot element has the obvious antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, for the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract infection, cryptosporidium infection, fungal keratitis has the apparent effect.

Besides, garlic contains a spicy element called “propylene sulfate,” its bactericidal ability can reach one-tenth of penicillin, to the human body pathogens, parasites have a useful killing effect. It can prevent influenza, prevent wound infection, and treat infectious diseases and deworming.

2.Prevention and treatment of tumors and cancers

According to the research, garlic contains a kind of sulfur compound that can act on the tumor “generation stage,” enhance the human body’s detoxification function, interfere with the activation of carcinogens, and prevent the formation of cancer enhance the immune function.

The sulfur compounds block the formation of lipid peroxidation and resist mutations that prevent normal cells from turning cancerous.

Garlic also contains germanium, selenium, and other elements that inhibit tumor cells’ growth and cancer cells.

According to the authoritative cancer organization, the plant with the greatest potential to fight cancer in the world is garlic, which we often eat.

3.Lower blood lipids and cholesterol

Garlic can act as a scavenger in the blood vessels, and it contains some active ingredients that lower blood lipids and cholesterol. According to statistics, eating garlic for four weeks can reduce total cholesterol levels to 12 %. Stick with eating garlic, and the cholesterol-lowering benefits will last.

Garlic can also effectively prevent and reduce the accumulation of arterial fatty plaques, prevent the formation of thrombosis, play a role in reducing blood lipids. If you can control the level of human body fat, cholesterol in the normal range can avoid arteriosclerosis caused by the disease of the heart and blood vessels.

Besides, garlic can also eliminate peroxide damage to the vascular wall, for the health of the vascular system plays a good effect.

4.Antiplatelet coagulation

Garlic essential oil can inhibit platelet aggregation. The principle is that this essential garlic oil improves the platelet membrane’s physical and chemical properties, which affects the function of releasing and extracting platelets, inhibits the binding of platelets and fibrinogen, and affects the function of platelets.

5.Lower blood pressure

Regular consumption of garlic also has a certain antihypertensive effect.

Chinese garlicChinese garlic

China is one of the countries with the largest garlic acreage and yield in the world. Garlic in China has more than 2000 years of cultivation history, not only the cultivation history is long, but also the cultivation area is large, the yield is high. Garlic growing areas and Chinese Garlic Supplier are widely distributed in Jinxiang, Cangshan and Guangrao counties of Shandong province, Yongnian county of Hebei province, Qixian county of Henan province, Dafeng city of northern Jiangsu province, Pengzhou city of Sichuan province, Dali bai autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province, Xinjiang and other garlic producing areas.

China is one of the countries with the largest garlic acreage and yield in the world.