Garlic Price Keep Rising in China Domestic Market

Garlic prices have continued to rise since October in china, with the market retail price rising to 6.00 RMB per 500g, significantly higher than the price in the same period last year.To this,The professional china garlic practitioner say the garlic grows area was less and the garlic reseller are reluctant to sell the garlic , it is the main reason why rise in price.In recent years, the price of garlic changes more obvious, like riding a roller coaster, sometime only one or two RMB per 500g, sometime, the price is a dozen RMB per 500g.

Pls check the china garlic price trend in 2 weeks / 2 months as following:

Garlic price Trend in the past 2 weeks

Garlic price Trend in the past 2 months:

Why did garlic continue to rise in price in just two months?

Due to the large plant area and low price of garlic in 2018, many farmers have reduced the plant area of garlic in 2019 and planted other crops such as china green Onions and Onions. Therefore,the new crop garlic sold a good price since the beginning of new crop, with the increase in the storage, even some merchants see garlic prices continue to rise, they are reluctant to sell the garlic.

On the other hand, garlic planting area decreased, china green onion planting area increased, this is a big reason of 2019 autumn and winter green onion price is lower . Because traders bought fresh garlic in June at a high price, they wanted to wait for a higher price before selling.

Located in Jinxiang County, Shandong Province,Pioneer garlic group was founded in 2005. As everyone knows, Chinese fresh garlic has always been praised for its stable quality all the time. The best garlic producing area in China is Jinxiang Town, which is known as the hometown of Chinese garlic. Jinxiang garlic has obvious advantages such as large diameter, pure spicy taste, crispy and delicious, no loose petals, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion and storage resistance.

Our garlic exported to all over the world, mainly in Latin America countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador,Nicaragua also export other markets :

European Market : the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and other countries,

Middle East market: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE ,Iraq,Turkey and other Middle East countries,

African market: Angola, Senegal, Kenya Egypt, Tunis , Algeria and other African countries.

Supply period: Garlic are available all year round.

1)Fresh garlic: early June to August.

2)Cold store garlic:September to next May.

Available sizes: 4.5&up; 5.0&up; 5.5&up; 6.0&up; 6.5&up, etc.
Certificates: Global GAP.
Transporting temp:-2 ℃
Packings: Carton; mesh bag.

Loose packing:

Carton: 5kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg/box

Meshbag: 7kg, 8kg, 10kg, 20kg/meshbag

Small packing:

200g*25 in 5 kg box/mesh bag  1b*22 in 10kg box/mesh bag

1kg*10 in 10kg box/mesh bag

3pieces in 10kg box/mesh bag  4pieces in 10kg box/mesh bag

5pieces in 10kg box/mesh bag    6pieces in 10kg box/mesh bag

Lead time: Within 10 days after the orders are confirmed.


Top pure white garlic 4.5cm to Iraq market through Mersin port. Turkey:

Pioneer garlic group staff visit African client:

Pioneer garlic group staff visit Europe client:

The overall quality of 2019 china garlic is better than 2018 season, and the size are larger. The main specifications are 5.5cm, followed by 5.0cm and 6.0cm. On the export side, we supply various kinds of packaging according to different market demands.

How China garlic is of great benefit to your healthy?

  1. Bactericidal effect: At present ,China garlicis found to have the best bactericidal and bactericidal effect in the original plant,, it contains sulfur compounds with strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, a variety of bacteria and viruses have defense and elimination effect.
  2. Anti-cancer:China garlic contains germanium and selenium to protect against cancer cells and cancer cells. Tests found that people with the lowest incidence of cancer who had the highest levels of selenium in their blood.
  3. Reduce blood sugar: China garliccan promote insulin excretion, also can improve the collective cell sugar intake, increase the body’s glucose tolerance, quickly reduce the level of blood sugar, at the same time can eliminate all kinds of bacteria caused by infection diabetes, so it can effectively defense and cure diabetes.
  4. Maintenance vessels: China garliccan defense the fat accumulation inside the heart head blood-vessel, luring organization internal fat alternation, significantly improve the activity of fibrin ablation, reduce cholesterol, resist platelet accumulation, reduce plasma concentration, improve micro artery dilatation, promote blood vessel stretch, and defense of thrombosis and defense hardening of the arteries.
  5. Prevent colds:China garlic is rich in an ingredient called propylene sulfide, which is very good at killing viruses and parasites, protecting against colds and reducing a range of cold symptoms. It also protects against gastrointestinal disease.
  6. Full of energy:China garlic does have the effect of regulating impotence and helping blood circulation, because garlic stimulates the production of nitric oxide synthase, which is an enzyme needed for erections in men.