China Garlic Annual Meeting

China Garlic Annual Meeting are hold in the garlic town annually. How it works and influence the garlic market. Let us take the year of 2019 as the example to introduce.

“China Garlic 2019 Annual Meeting” was held in Jinxiang County, Shandong Province, 16-17 May, 2019. The conference focused on “Mutual Benefits by Garlic “. China Garlic 2019 features presentations by specialists from global main crop areas on latest garlic production and market trends. It was well welcomed garlic associations, producers, traders and other colleagues concerned at home and abroad to participant China Garlic 2019.

The convention was organized by China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products (CFNA) and its Sub-chamber of Garlic, the organ who has over 200 member companies involved in garlic business around the country. China Garlic has come to the 9th year, with the great support of colleagues all over the world, it was already built as an important platform to promote international trade, demonstrates China garlic industry strength. It is considered as a key channel to connect global garlic industry.

China plays an important role as garlic producer, exporter and consumer, seeing its annual production and export taking over 70% of the world total. On the purpose of strengthen exchanges and cooperation on garlic business between China and the world, “CHINA GARLIC 2019” has positioned itself an international professional event, offering the world industry a dynamic platform of communication.

The fresh garlic market around the world.

During last year of 2018, the world garlic production was more than 30 million tones, and China accounting for 80% of the total (per the following table).India was the second largest producer with no more than 6% of total production.

Via the data we can note that the most amount of fresh garlic come from China, at the same time the price is controlled by the market in China, especially by the garlic capital Jinxiang County, which located at the Shandong Province.

Country Production
(Millions of MTs)
China 25.06 83.5%
India 2.8 9.3%
Bangladesh 0.9 3.0%
Egypt 0.65 2.2%
South Korea 0.29 1.0%
Russia 0.3 1.0%

Why the garlic from China is popular around the world?

-There is a whole industrial chain for kinds of garlic product. Once you visit the garlic capital, Jinxiang County, most of the farmer plant the garlic and do the package in the factory. Each type of service concerning garlic export are mature. This is the key for the competitive cost.

– China garlic cultivation dates back to a long period, we can say it have been brought from Middle East  about 2000 years ago, and locally named as Da Suan. During the long time planting, the smart farmers are well known how to grow the excellent garlic.

– Garlic grows better in the regions with temperature variation from 13 ℃ to 25 ℃. Particularly when grown in sandy soils, that’s exactly the situation in some area of China.

-Most of people like the garlic not only it is a nutritious vegetables and mandatory used in all over the world, but also the dish is not easy to avoid the garlic flavor.

Logo of China Pioneer Garlic Group

Pioneer Garlic Group staff visit the customer in Africa & Middle East:

The Fresh Garlic details by China Pioneer Garlic Group:

1 Type Pure white/snow white skin fresh garlic
2 Size 4.5cm-5.0cm, 5.0cm-5.5cm, 5.5cm-6.0cm, 6.0cm and up
3 Place of ORIGIN Jinxiang County, Shandong, China.
4 Packing
(Packed in mesh bag or carton box)
1)Loose packing: 10kg/ctn, 30lbs/ctn, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag
2) Small packing: 1kg/bag*10 bags/carton; 500g/*20 bags/carton; 200g/bag*50 bags/carton; 3pcs/bag,
10kg/carton; 4pcs/bag, 10kg/carton; 5pcs/bag, 10kg/carton.
3)Customized packing
5 Exporting standard and quality: No root, clean, no black mold, not broken, no splits on the skin, no internal germination outgrowth, no insects or fungous stuff.
6 Price terms  FOB, CNF, CFR, CIF
7 Transporting and storing temperature  -3 ~~ 0°C
8 MOQ 1×40’FCL
9 Delivery time Within 7 days after receiving the deposit

How to find the serious garlic exporter in China?

We recommend the China Pioneer Garlic Group.

China Pioneer Garlic Group, located in Jinxiang County, the capital of China garlic industry, has more than 15 years’ experience in garlic export. They have four own factory to produce kinds of garlic product like the fresh garlic and dehydrated garlic.

Their customer come from more than 40 countries. like Brazil, Ecuador, Kuwait, Dubai, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Turkey, Russia and Turkey.

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