Garlic is native to western and central Asia. It has a history of more than two thousand years since zhang qian went on a diplomatic mission to the western regions in the han dynasty and brought garlic home. Garlic is an indispensable condiment in daily life of human beings. When cooking fish, meat, poultry and vegetables, it has the function of removing fishy and enhancing flavoring, especially in cold dishes, can increase the flavor, but also sterilization.
After several years of roller-coaster market operations, the total area planted with garlic in China in 2019 is down 25-30% from 2018, this has led industry insiders to predict higher prices for new garlic in 2019. Based on this optimistic expectation, a large amount of hot money entered the garlic market from January 2019, making the price of garlic in stock change from “down” to “up”. Especially after the Chinese New Year holiday, garlic prices soared as more speculators joined in. Garlic prices rose nearly 100 percent in the year to March 6, compared with January lows. The storers and traders of the original stock have profited handsomely. However, the sharp rise in prices has led to a decline in demand in the consumer market. In many of China’s domestic wholesale vegetable markets, the wholesale price of garlic is lower than the price of raw garlic in the producing areas. Many exporters have also stopped taking orders abroad, fearing losses from rapidly rising prices.
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