Garlic Exports from China

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After several years of roller-coaster market operations, the total area planted with garlic in China in 2019 is down 25-30% from 2018. This has led industry insiders to predict higher prices for new garlic in 2019. Based on this optimistic expectation, a large amount of hot money entered the garlic market from January 2019, making the price of garlic in stock change from “down” to “up,” especially after the Chinese New Year holiday prices soared as more speculators joined in. Garlic prices rose nearly 100 percent in the year to March 6, compared with January lows. The storers and traders of the original stock have profited handsomely. However, the sharp rise in prices has led to a decline in demand in the consumer market. In many of China’s domestic wholesale vegetable markets, the wholesale price of garlic is lower than that of raw garlic in the producing areas. Many exporters have also stopped taking orders abroad, fearing losses from rapidly rising prices.

Garlic exports from China

Xianfeng garlic group, located in Jinxiang county, Shandong province, was founded in 2005. As we all know, Chinese fresh garlic has been praised for its stable quality. The best garlic producer in China is Jinxiang township, known as the garlic town of China. Jinxiang garlic has the advantages of large diameter, delicate taste, crisp and delicious, apetalous and loose, mold-proof, corrosion-resistant and storage resistant.

Chinese Garlic Supplier export garlic around the world, mainly to Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and other markets:

European markets: Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

Middle East market: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Turkey, and other Middle East countries,
African markets: Angola, Senegal, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and other African countries.

Garlic exports from China

What is Chinese garlic good for your health?

1. Sterilization effect: it has been found that Chinese garlic has the best bactericidal and sterilization effect among the original plants. The sulfur compounds contain strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, and a variety of bacteria and viruses have defense and elimination effects.

2. Anticancer: Chinese garlic contains germanium and selenium to protect cells. The tests found that people with the lowest rates of cancer had the highest levels of selenium in their blood.

3. Hypoglycemic: allicin can promote the secretion of insulin, increase the collective sugar intake of cells, increase the glucose tolerance of the human body, rapidly reduce the blood glucose level, and eliminate various bacteria caused by diabetes infection effectively preventing and treating diabetes.

4. Maintain blood vessels: garlic can prevent the accumulation of fat in the heart vessels, induce the alternations of fat in the tissues, significantly improve the activity of fibrin ablation, reduce cholesterol, anti-platelet aggregation, reduce plasma concentration, improve arteriole dilation, promote vascular stretch, prevent thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

5. Prevent colds: Chinese garlic is rich in an ingredient called propylene sulfide, which is very good at killing viruses and parasites, preventing colds, and reducing a range of cold symptoms. It can also prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

6. Energetic: Chinese garlic does have the effect of regulating impotence and promoting blood circulation.