Chinese Garlic Exports Probably Enter Slow Season One Come Across the Spring Festival

“The price of China garlic has shown an upward trend when the Chinese Spring Festival approach, which is mainly because speculating traders were initially hoarding garlic, and only later did they slowly delivery their stock. The China garlic market is a speculation market. The volume of garlic still in storage in Jinxiang County is huge. An estimated about 20%-30% of last year’s harvest is currently in storage. The garlic in storage will undoubtedly enter the market together with fresh garlic later this year. This is the moment when speculating traders may earn a profit, but their speculation is not beneficial for the overall market.” This is according to China Pioneer Garlic Group.

“As for the new production season, early-season garlic from Yunnan already entered the market in March, and early-season garlic from Henan also recently entered the market. However, the product quality of such early-season varieties is not good enough for overseas export. They are only suitable for the domestic market. Garlic from Shandong will only enter the market in late May. Overseas buyers are waiting for the price to come down and the product quality to go up. The current garlic market is therefore in a slow season during much of April and May, until trade picks up again in late May.”

“The overall export price of Chinese garlic is stable in a high position, and the export volume did not decline in comparison with last year. We expect the overall production volume of Chinese garlic to decline by around 15% in comparison with last year. Still, supply will continue to exceed demand. This is mainly because excessive production last year means that warehouses are stocked with last year’s garlic.”

Package process and well packaged garlic:

Garlic price influence factor:

What is the key factor influence the garlic price in the world market? How can I find the right time to fix the import contact? And how can I forecast the trend of price?

These questions always the most concerned from both the sales and is quite difficult have the accurate solution but following items going to guide you a clear self-judgment.

1-The fresh garlic price is controlled by the China main garlic market as following, particular by the Jinxiang County since the highest yield and export volume.

Province Name of County/City which named main garlic market
Shandong Jinxiang County; Cangshan County; Laiwu City.
Henan Zhongmou County; Qixian County
Jiangsu Pizhou City.

2-Price are set according to supply and demand. It is the same logic like the Stock Market. More buyer means more opportunities the price is upward, more sales means more opportunities price is downward.

3-Consider the Price of last two years. Once the price is in low level for few years which probably caused more famers choose other crop to grow. That means there going to be low yield expectation. Then the specular have high expectation about the price when they want store the garlic raw materials, since they assume the limited supply of new crop. Please heads up that even they estimate the supply is limited, lots of old stock will give the false appearance about the total volume increase in the market.

4- Another key factor during the garlic business it the cultivated area forecast. Such as the year of 2018, garlic price is in the low level, then the 2019 new garlic cultivated area is decrease as usual, which caused the China fresh garlic raw material increase at the beginning of 2019, but once there are much more supply in the market since the yield per hectare much higher than last year, the price decrease continually.

Normal white garlic and Pure white garlic ready to export:

Where can find the reliable garlic export partner?

Most important should choose the one original from the main garlic market.

China Pioneer Garlic Group, located in Jinxiang County, the capital of China garlic, has more than 10+ years’ experience in garlic export. We have four own factory to produce kinds of garlic product like the fresh garlic and dehydrated garlic.

Our customer from more than 50+ countries all around the world. Mainly exported to Brazil, Ecuador, Kuwait, Dubai, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Turkey, Russia and Turkey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

China Pioneer Garlic staff visit the customer in Ecuador: