Mudanjiang: Green Garlic Listed

Nowadays, it has entered the dog days, and it is the season of pickling sugar garlic. Recently, Mudanjiang’s green garlic has been listed successively, and China Garlic Price is slightly lower than the same period last year.

In the Mudan Street morning market and some vegetable shops in the surrounding area, the price of real estate green garlic is 2.5 yuan per jin, which is indeed slightly lower than the garlic price 2019. In the same period last year, a vendor said the price of green garlic in real estate was basically 3-4 yuan per jin, which was significantly higher than the same period in previous years. And this year, as the domestic garlic planting area increases, The real estate market for green garlic also returned to the same levels in past years.

Some real estate garlic growers said that it can be seen from the market of single-head purple garlic that went on the market earlier that the overall market for garlic this year is lower than the same period last year. Moreover, the sales period of real estate green garlic is relatively short, usually about half a month. Judging from the current market situation, the room for price reduction is limited.