Henan Onion Prices Bottomed Out

“In the past few months, the onion market has been volatile. After continuing to fall for a few weeks, China Garlic Prices has bottomed out and has begun to rise slightly soon. According to my expectation, the development trend of this small increase will continue for a while.” Luo, a China garlic supplier from Sichuan, said in an interview with the FRESH PLAZA, “We are currently supplying onions from Henan producing areas, mainly two varieties of red and purple, with specifications ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 kilograms. As for Henan onions, this year’s output is slightly lower than last year, and the output is reduced by about 10%. Affected by the special circumstances that have continued since the Spring Festival, the market has insufficient power consumption, and the delivery speed is not satisfactory.”

At this stage, the market is dominated by domestic demand. In this case, through traditional sales channels and e-commerce platforms. Our onions are mainly sold to Sichuan and surrounding areas. I am not worried about the current poor sales situation. After all, this is affected by the market environment and the decline in consumer purchasing power. To a certain extent, there are no regulations to avoid it. “