Garlic Suppliers in China

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Garlic is an excellent condiment in the kitchen, proper nutrition, good natural green medicine, garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotics. It can kill a variety of pathogenic fungi and hookworm pinworm, trichomonas. Eating garlic raw is an effective way to prevent influenza and intestinal infections.

Garlic suppliers in China

Garlic is a common flavoring in our daily life. Its nutritional composition and health care function has been proved by modern medical research. Garlic is a combination of more than 100 medicinal and health care ingredients.

So what are the benefits of eating garlic regularly?

(1)It has a wide range of antibacterial sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect, has a strong antiviral ability, among which the active ingredient allicin has been used in clinical medicine;

(2)Improve immune function, anti-tumor. Garlic containing organic sulfur compounds and other functional components can not only inhibit the synthesis of carcinogens nitrosamines in the body but also have a direct killing effect on cancer cells;

(3)Protection of cardiovascular system: anti-hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis, anti-platelet aggregation, enhanced fibrin soluble activity and vasodilation to produce a hypotensive effect;

(4)Activate cells, promote energy generation, accelerate metabolism, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and other effects;

(5)Protect the liver, and regulate blood bran level, reduce blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis. Garlic has not only a unique pharmacological activity, and no allergic reaction, no side effects, no toxicity, has become one of the critical health food. It has great development potential in the field of biomedicine.

Internationally, the garlic cultivation area of large countries as China, Argentina, South Korea, India, the United States, France, Spain, and other countries. China is one of the world’s largest garlic growers and exporters. Garlic is one of the most important crops in China. Garlic and its products are traditional flavorings that people like.

Garlic suppliers in China

As a professional Chinese Garlic Supplier, our garlic has been exported to many countries. In recent years, Chinese garlic has been welcomed by consumers worldwide because of its high quality and competitive price.

Xianfeng garlic group, located in Jinxiang county, Shandong province, was founded in 2005. As we all know, Chinese fresh garlic has been praised for its stable quality. The best garlic producer in China is Jinxiang township, known as the garlic town of China. Jinxiang garlic has the advantages of large diameter, delicate taste, crisp and delicious, apetalous and loose, mold-proof, corrosion-resistant and storage resistant.

We have won the praise of the international market for our high-quality products and good cooperation. We are pleased to see that in Brazil, Senegal, and other countries, the vanguard garlic group is well known and trusted by consumers. We value every opportunity to communicate with customers and hope to develop a long-term development in the garlic field. Therefore, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.