Shandong Ginger And Onion Rotation Stage Results Show

In 2018, the Municipal Second Academy of Agricultural Sciences began to implement the project. The project team is in Laiwu District and Linghe Street in Anqiu City, relying on local professional cooperatives to establish 100 mu of the project demonstration field. The project adopts early spring facility cultivation, water, and fertilizer integration technologies to improve the traditional cultivation model. On July 12, the expert acceptance team checked and accepted the Anqiu base project.
The project implementation achieved the expected results. Li Qibao, the cooperative’s chairman, said that the fresh ginger at the base will be planted on February 23 and will be on the market on June 20. The initial price was about 20 yuan per kilogram, but it has only dropped to 7 yuan per kilogram in recent days.

The expert acceptance team gave a high evaluation of the overall implementation of the project and believed that the integrated water and fertilizer cultivation model of ginger and onion rotation was very effective in water-saving, fertilizer saving, labor-saving, and yield increase.

Researchers introduced that the key technology of this project is under the conditions of Shandong Province, in the early spring and low-temperature season. The research uses simple greenhouse + middle arch shed + small arch shed + mulch to meet the environmental conditions for the growth of ginger and green Chinese onions. According to the high demand for fertilizers and water during the growth period of ginger and green onions, it is necessary to carry out a large number of experiments to realize the precise management of water and fertilizer integration of ginger and green onions.

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