The Export Price of Garlic Has Entered a Downward Period

In the two months before the Chinese traditional festival Spring Festival, China’s garlic market was relatively calm. The price remained at about $ 1050 per ton for general grade garlic.

“It was originally expected that after the Spring Festival, there will be a brief slight increase in garlic. However, the emergency disrupted the normal development of the garlic market. From 2020 until the end of February, export packaging could not be processed, and the domestic market demand was sharply reduced. Further increased the inventory surplus. Decreased market consumption and the corresponding increase in inventory surplus caused panic in the market. Garlic stockists rushed to sell goods, causing a sharp decline in the price of garlic. In just 20 days, the price fell to about $ 300 per ton. “

“From the end of February 2020 to today, as the situation improves, garlic processing companies resume work, foreign orders increase, and the domestic market demand is gradually rising. The price of garlic has increased by about $ 60 per ton in the past 10 days.

“Before the Chinese Spring Festival, the price of garlic is likely to increase slightly after the Spring Festival and then remain stable for about a month. The price began to fall slowly in late March. I did not expect that the emergence of special circumstances caused the price to advance. It’s plummeting. It has caused huge losses to storage companies. ”

“At present, the domestic market demand in China is gradually increasing. However, daily consumption is only equivalent to about 60% of normal years. The remaining stock of garlic is still too large, and fresh garlic from Yunnan has been listed. Around May 1, Henan premature Garlic will also be on the market. In summary, while the garlic production in 2019 is large, the new garlic market is getting closer. The pressure on the stock of garlic in the later period is relatively high. It is expected that China Garlic Price will be in the next few months. Further down. “