New Garlic Prices Have Fallen

At present, a large number of early-ripening fresh garlic in Henan production areas is on the market, and the mainstream price of fresh garlic is 0.60-0.80 yuan/kg. Specifically, the enthusiasm for garlic this year in Qixian and Sumu areas is not high.
After the listing of fresh garlic this year, China Garlic Prices have been declining all the way. On the one hand, the prices of old garlic in stock are low, dragging new garlic prices. On the other hand, fresh garlic is not very mature, mainly in the market, and a small amount is used for processing peeled garlic and garlic slices.
Overall, this year’s garlic market is less popular than in previous years.
This year’s weather is volatile. During May 1st, the temperature suddenly rose to above 30 ℃. After experiencing two consecutive days of high temperature, the cold air suddenly arrived. With the arrival of rainfall, the temperature dropped by 10 ℃. Will the recent changing weather affect production?
For the production of new garlic, low expectations, and weak popularity are expected to be temporary. As fresh garlic matures, sales will follow.