Eating More Garlic Is Good for Your Health

We have learned that although the Garlic Price is high now, its efficacy is excellent. Usually, eating more garlic is more beneficial to the body:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

Garlic contains a kind of nutrient called “allicin.” Garlic has outstanding effects in preventing diseases, sterilizing, and anti-inflammatory. However, because garlic is rich in flavor and difficult to dissipate, many people consume garlic more or less. There will be some scruples about breath.

2. Health effects on the cardiovascular system

Scientific research has confirmed that the aorta of people who take garlic essential oil for a long time is more flexible than the aorta of people who do not consume it. Regular consumption of garlic extract also has the effect of nourishing the brain. Scientific research proves that garlic extract can reduce blood pressure by 8%, reducing the risk of stroke by 40%, and reducing the incidence of myocardial infarction by 25%. A series of animal experiments and clinical effects have consistently shown that allicin has a significant antihypertensive effect. It can improve microcirculation, increase peripheral blood flow and tissue plasminogen activator activity, inhibit the activity of coagulation factors, reduce plasma malondialdehyde levels, and have obvious anti-atherosclerotic effects. Garlic essential oil has a good protective effect on aortic atherosclerosis caused by hypercholesterolemia. Taking allicin can significantly reduce the platelet adhesion rate and significantly prolong the clotting time of animals. Garlic essential oil also has thrombolytic and anti-platelet aggregation effects.

3. The role of liver protection

Garlic essential oil has an anti-hepatic virus effect, can increase metastasis activity in human liver cells, thereby improving liver detoxification ability. Dipropyl disulfide (DAS) can protect liver mucosa from oxidative damage and liver function.

4. Hypoglycemic effect

Garlic can also affect liver glycogen synthesis, increase plasma insulin levels, and present a quite beneficial therapeutic effect on diabetic patients. Studies have found that garlic extract contains a substance that can stimulate the pituitary gland, which helps control the secretion of endocrine glands, thereby regulating the body’s digestion and absorption of fats and sugars the body’s metabolic activities. Garlic oil can effectively increase the ATPase activity of various organs, prevent diabetes and its complications, and improve the glucose tolerance of normal people. Glucose tolerance can strengthen the function of pancreatic islet β cells, promote insulin secretion, and increase tissue cells’ glucose tolerance and absorption effect.

5. Antitumor effect

Diallyl sulfur and calcium salts in garlic are two very important anti-cancer factors, mainly by preventing the formation of carcinogens, interfering with the activation of carcinogens, enhancing the detoxification performance, eliminating reactive metabolites, etc., to avoid normal cell migration, the transformation of cancer cells. The active ingredients contained in it can also act on the promotion stage of tumorigenesis by stimulating the immune response, blocking the production of peroxides, and inhibiting proliferation, and further prevent the formation of tumor cells.

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