Update On Yunnan And Myanmar Onions In 2020

Update on Yunnan and Myanmar onions in 2020: A few days ago, Yunnan onions were submerged in a small area, and then they were subject to larger areas of hail. (Wuxi, Jianshui, etc.) A large number of onions will be available in late February and early March, which will affect the onion market. Abnormal rainfall in many parts of Myanmar has flooded many onion plantations!

Bao Town, Magway Province, Myanmar is located at the border of Magway Province, Sagaing Province, and Chin State. The area started with abnormal rainfall in early January 2020, and the river flowing through Baozhen suddenly surged. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.

According to the Maguire Agriculture Authority, abnormal rainfall caused the river to soar, and many onion plantations along the river bank were flooded and damaged. Wu Guimaowen, director of the Maguire Industrial Management Bureau, said that the rainfall in the Chin State and Baozhen was abnormally reduced. The water left by the Chin State mountains has suddenly surged in the Yo River, flooding onion plantations in about 5 villages along the river.

So far, we have started on-site inspections. Villagers in Baozhen village said the river affected at least 5 villages, and plantations were damaged. Wu Qinmaowen said that due to the high Garlic Price, villagers even planted a lot of onions on dry riverbeds. Because of the abnormal rainfall, the river water is soaring, and the loss is not small. Due to the unpredictable effects of climate change, crop plantations have been severely damaged. We will provide farmers in Baozhen with the help they need by the Law on the Protection of Farmers’ Rights and the Promotion of Interest Growth.