Increased Dryness of New Garlic And Increased Transaction Price

Jinxiang Market has 80-90 vehicles in the morning and 50 or 60 vehicles left in the afternoon. The supply of goods for sale is less than that in the morning. Buyers’ enthusiasm for taking goods has increased. All-day shipments are faster, the China Garlic Price is slightly supported, and the price of the large mixed grade with better dryness is 1.52-1.67 yuan/jin.
Pizhou has a lot of fresh garlic on the market, and there are about 100 vehicles in the market. Some domestic sales areas have a high enthusiasm for grading semi-dried garlic. The buyer picks the quality of fresh garlic, the market is basically stable, and the price of big mixed grade is 0.80- 0.85 yuan/jin, the price of 6.5cm grade garlic is about 2.80 yuan/jin, and the price difference of each grade is about four cents.
The quantity of fresh garlic on the Qixian County has increased compared with yesterday, and the enthusiasm of the merchants in the delivery market has slowed. The market volume is average, and the Garlic Price has not changed based on the drop in yesterday afternoon. The generally mixed grade is 0.55-0.60 yuan/jin, the large mixed grade price is 0.70-0.75 yuan/jin, and the price of semi-dried garlic is 0.90-1.20 yuan/jin. The volume of goods on the Zhongmu market has increased, with more than 200 vehicles in stock, and the dryness of fresh garlic has increased. Domestic wholesalers have followed up on demand. Due to the large volume of goods, some sellers are more active in selling, and the price of semi-dry garlic has slightly lowered. The volume of fresh garlic is acceptable. The price of semi-dry garlic is between 1.10 and 1.20 yuan per jin, and the price of a large mixed grade is between 0.65 and 0.80 yuan per jin.